In my opinion Dr. John Keen is a whistle blower (“RBHS board member claims cancer group deceptive,” News, Oct. 24). Thank you, Dr. Keen. You are needed.

We pay good tax money to educate students at Riverside-Brookfield High School in the hopes these students will do better critical thinking, which will lead to better decision making.

Along their educational journey it is nice if they have fun, but education should have a higher priority.

If fun is offered by a group that is ethically questionable, then I am sure the board, high school administrators and teachers can find ones that are not ethically questionable (at least at that time) to offer to students to have fun with the activities.

If students in our public schools are going to raise money to help organizations, please do it for organizations that appear ethical.

Jacqueline Solfronk, Ph.D.