Motorists are advised to steer clear of Akenside Road in Riverside for the next several hours as crews from Nicor work to repair a high-pressure gas leak outside 69 Akenside Road.

A Riverside Public Works crew excavating a water service at that location struck an unmarked 2-inch gas line at about 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, said Public Works Director Edward Bailey. The whooshing sound of gas escaping the high-pressure line was noticeable, and cars parked in the vicinity are not being allowed to move until Nicor can contain the leak, said Police Chief Thomas Weitzel.

Personnel from Nicor, the Riverside Public Works Department and the village’s police and fire departments are on the scene.

Police have blocked traffic to Akenside Road at Longcommon Road, the Nuttall Road cutoff to Nuttall and at Northwood Road.

The staffs at Hauser Junior High School and Central School have been notified of the situation, and police will be on the scene at dismissal time to help parents and students.

The repair could take several hours to complete.

“It depends on how quickly Nicor can mobilize their equipment and people,” said Bailey.