As Christmas rapidly approaches, I hope all Brookfield residents will make an effort to try to buy in Brookfield whenever possible. While I understand that Internet shopping and big-box store shopping has some advantages and is necessary in some cases, we can all try to support those who invest their time and money in our village.

Our local business owners pay local property taxes, sales tax and license fees that support local government services. They also give back to our community through their participation in special events and sponsorships of sports teams and community projects.

As you finish your shopping list or are looking for that stocking stuffer or last-minute gift for your family, friends or service people, please consider our Brookfield businesses, service companies and restaurants. Maybe go into the place that sponsored your child’s Little League team and buy something. Perhaps go browse in one of the shops you saw in the program listing the sponsors of the village holiday celebration. Most of these places offer gift certificates that make gift giving easy.

By making the effort to buy in Brookfield, not only will you be saying thanks to our local business owners who put in long hours, you will be helping you own village. The increase in sales tax revenue will help reduce the burden on property tax and other fees.

Thank you and may everyone have a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and safe 2013.

Mike Garvey

Mike Garvey is Brookfield’s village president.

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