Even though it’s months before there’ll be an election for Riverside-Brookfield High School board members, there have been several people writing letters promoting their candidate. They mainly mention that he’s a “professional,” as if that means something relevant to being a good school board member.

When it gets to be a couple of months closer to the election, we need to hear about candidates’ values regarding actual school board matters, such as the kind of curriculum they value, the importance of class size for regular academic classes as well as special classes, how they respect teachers being a major player in these matters, and respect the right for teachers and staff to collectively bargain through their union regarding working conditions, salaries and benefits.

We’ll want to know if candidates will make negotiations a cooperative, positive effort for the betterment of RBHS’ students, staff and community. We want to know candidates’ views on finances, contracts, etc., related to these things.

And, importantly, we want to know how candidates would respect the public’s right to be fully informed. Most of us certainly don’t want RBHS board members whose attitude and actions would be like the District 96 board members as recently reported in the Landmark, with their president telling the public that board meetings won’t ever be a dialogue with them and the board will not publicly respond or answer questions at meetings.

With the essential help of the Landmark’s reporting staff, I hope the people of District 208 will know all about the candidates for our school board.

Fred Smith
North Riverside