The North Riverside Fire Department will be escorting Santa Claus in style, aboard a fire truck, making stops at nine locations around the village on Saturday, Dec. 22.

Santa will be stopping at the following locations and times:

9:05 a.m., 23rd Street and Park Avenue

9:20 a.m., 23rd Street and Hainsworth Avenue

9:35 a.m., 25th Street and Burr Oak Avenue

9:50 a.m., 25th Street and Forest Avenue

10:05 a.m., 30th Street and Lincoln Avenue

10:20 a.m., 24th Street and 4th Avenue

10:35 a.m., 24th Street and 7th Avenue

10:50 a.m., Komarek School

11:05 a.m., 23rd Street and 15th Avenue

The Scottish Home will be Santa’s final stop of the day. The trip is sponsored by the fire department in cooperation with the North Riverside Village Board.

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