Hard to believe we are now writing 2013; seems we just started the year 2012. So now is the time we review for ourselves the past year and look to the New Year with hope for many things to come.

Luckily the world did not end on Dec. 21 as was predicted, but just in case I had my hair appointment the day before; I wanted to go out with my coif looking good. The prediction, I’m sure, was the main reason that so many shoppers waited until after the 21st since they didn’t want to spend their last few days on Earth shopping. Of course, we all know the reason for last-minute shopping is procrastination and the hope for great sales.

So now we plunge into the New Year. For me, one of my last efforts of the old year is to get my calendar changed and write down appropriate dates that I should not forget on the new one. The trick is to refer to the calendar daily.

Normally, I have to make the choice of which calendar to use, since I receive quite a few in the mail from charities (along with address labels and note pads). But, this year I will use a family calendar made especially for us — with grandchildren’s pictures along with important dates. Cute and useful! Time also to get in those last-minute charitable donations.

Looking back we think of friends we lost in the past year. For me that means, particularly, June Campana who even had this Cubs fan go to some White Sox functions, since she was a Sox fan through and through, even going to spring training. And, Nancy Foley, who was a strong and talented woman even through many health problems, will be missed. We will remember them and many others for what they gave while alive.

Now we look to 2013. Hopefully, the economy will improve; I know I do my best to help. There will be new public officials in our towns and on our school boards. Thanks for those who gave their time to serve and good luck to those who will take their places. Let’s keep the elections clean. Remember, it is a thankless job. Even if you don’t agree, keep your words soft because you may have to eat them later.

How about resolutions? Make them if you must, but don’t feel guilty if you don’t keep them. Keep a positive attitude and be nice to each other. Health and happiness to all in the New Year.