Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day have gone in a flash. Still there is so very much to look forward to in North Riverside.

Overwhelming pleasant, courteous and out-and-out great service from our library people from top to bottom. The village administration and village office people, the recreation department, all police and fire personnel always take that extra step to do the best possible job. The public works department, always willing to help verbally or physically, whenever possible, and always with a smile and a good word.

With elections in 2013, there will be changes, but this hasn’t dampened the positive spirit of any village employee.

We have great senior programs led by our churches, our administration, but mostly by our caring residents and people like Carol Spale, who has a finger on everything good happening in the village.

As always, the Landmark reports these good things but also stays on top of all other news, positive or negative, rare for a newspaper today.

I’m happy to be alive in North Riverside.

Jim Zak
North Riverside