We all enjoy the freedoms that our forefathers fought for, which are reflected in our country’s constitution. Rights, such as freedom of speech and freedom of the press are just a couple. I never thought I would have to defend my name when someone said something untrue about me, because the people of North Riverside know me and know my character.

What bothers me the most is when individuals are allowed to post comments on your news website which are not true and get to hide their names, only because I wish to serve the villagers of North Riverside as their next village clerk. These are individuals who are weak minded, but yet can say whatever they want, without being held accountable for their expressions. If they can be so bold, let’s openly identify the authors.

My record of public service to North Riverside is something that my family and I are very proud of. I have always been one who wanted to contribute to our village, above and beyond just being employed as a civil servant.

Whether it be collecting food for the needy for WGN’s food drives, working many long hours as an election judge or being a director on the village’s historical society board, just to mention a few. I am often seen at village board meetings because I care. My record speaks for itself.

Pete Culafic
North Riverside

Pete Culafic is a candidate for North Riverside village clerk.

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