In 2011, the school board race in Lyons-Brookfield District 103 was a three-ring circus. Filing to run for six open seats were no fewer than 12 candidates (two of them running for both two- and four-year terms).

When the smoke cleared, there were 10 candidates on the ballot, and despite claims that Lyons President Christopher Getty was attempting to take over the school board by backing a slate of candidates, only one of the Getty-backed candidates won a seat on the board.

In 2013, there are three 4-year terms up for grabs and no competition for any of them. At the same time, it appears another candidate with ties to Getty will join the board, taking the place of Stickney firefighter John Kiser, who will leave the board after two years in office.

Running for re-election to the board are incumbents Sharon Anderson, who is the board’s current president, and Mark Camasta, who was elected in 2009 after being appointed to the board in 2008.

One newcomer running for election is Kristopher Hanus, a 20-year-old Lyons resident who was appointed to the Lyons Recreation Board by Getty in January 2011.

Komarek District 94

Like Brookfield District 95, the school board in Komarek District 94 is guaranteed a big change, even though the election in 2013 will be an uncontested one.

Deborah Czajka, who has been on the board for more than a decade and is the board’s president, has decided not to run for re-election.

Running for the three 4-year terms up for election are incumbent Al Sarro, who was appointed to the board in 2011 shortly after his defeat in that year’s contest.

Sarro had been appointed to the board in 2009 and ran for a four-year term in 2011, but placed fifth in a five-person race for four seats.

Shortly before that election, however, board member Mike Dropka announced he was resigning his post because he was moving out of the district. Sarro was named to replace him after the 2011 election.

Joining Sarro on the ballot will be newcomers Martin DeLeonardis and Gina Sierra, both North Riverside residents who have children at Komarek School.

LaGrange-Brookfield District 102

Another school board that saw a hotly contested race just two years ago will go uncontested in 2013.

Just three candidates filed to run for three open seats on the LaGrange-Brookfield District 102 board. But what makes this uncontested race a bit more interesting from a local standpoint is that one of the three candidates is a Brookfield resident.

Stephen Kudia, 40, the father of three students at Congress Park School will become the first Brookfield resident on the school board in many years.

“That’s exactly one of the reasons why I decided to run for it,” said Kudia, who owns Best Packaging Inc. in Broadview and is a 1990 graduate of Lyons Township High School. “Right now, there are only people from Cossitt and Ogden [schools] on the board.”

Joining him on the ballot and on the board after the uncontested election will be LaGrange residents Martin Rodgers and Anne Rebecca Davies.

The three newcomers will replace Mark Stenner, Jennifer Comparoni and Peter Tiemeyer, who are not running for re-election. Comparoni and Stenner won election to four-year terms in 2009. Tiemeyer landed an unexpired two-year term during the 2011 election.