Charles Vacek

Back in April 2012, we ran a story about Charles Vacek, a 8-year-old student at Ames School in Riverside. On his way to school on April 3, 2012 Charles stumbled upon an envelope lying in the parkway. Inside of that envelope was $300 in cash.

Word of Charles’ find made its way to his teacher, who confirmed what had happened. The long and short of it was that Charles ended up turing in the money to police, who praised the young man for his honesty and let Charles know that if no one claimed the cash within six months, he could keep it.

Well, it turned out that someone did come and claim the money. About three months ago, according to Police Chief Thomas Weitzel, Riverside resident David Weinke gave police detailed corroborating information and took possession of the cash.

According to police, Weinke was thinking of giving Charles a reward when, about a month or so ago, a friend of Weinke’s, named Michael Agne, gave Charles a gift of a small silver bar weighing about 330 grams and worth about $350.

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