Trustee DeSantis, first off I want to thank you for 30 years of service as a police officer. With that said, I’m commenting on an elected official, whether VIP or TAP, not presenting themselves in a professional manner.

In an open board meeting, outbursts and name calling is common by you. This reminds me of former Mayor Daley’s hot-headedness and bully tactics compared to Rahm Emanuel’s. You may not agree with the outcomes, but I have more respect for Mayor Emanuel.

Insults were directed towards Mayor Krochmal, Trustee Corgiat and Clerk Dr. Miller. You would expect this behavior on a playground, but not by public official. Are we in Chicago’s chamber war from the 1980s?

Name calling is not the answer. Dr. Miller has done nothing but good for the residents of North Riverside. Not saying an apology is due to the men, but definitely to Dr. Miller. I’m concerned that hot-headedness will cloud good judgment when under pressure if you were elected mayor.

Hugh Hermanek is my Rahm Emanuel, bringing North Riverside back to the glory it once was. We need someone with business sense. The old Daley days are a thing of the past.

As Jim Zak said many times, “The people of North Riverside are great.” Let’s not divide our town.

Ron Buczek
North Riverside

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