A Downers Grove village prosecutor dropped DUI charges against a Riverside police officer at a hearing on Jan. 30, ruling that there was not enough evidence to warrant moving ahead with the case.

Michael McMahon, an attorney hired by Downers Grove to handle all of its cases for driving under the influence, confirmed for the Landmark on Monday afternoon that Officer Josh Teune had been cleared of the DUI charge.

“It was my decision,” said McMahon. “After reviewing the evidence, I decided there was not enough to go forward.”

Teune was pulled over by a Downers Grove police officer at 55th Street and Western Avenue in Westmont on Dec. 23 about 2:10 a.m. after following his vehicle for about a mile. The police report states the officer observed Teune’s Jeep Grand Cherokee driving erratically, including speeding 20 mph over the posted limit.

However, the arresting officer charged Teune only with DUI and did not cite him for any traffic violations, stating in the report that “no citations were issued as all the traffic violations occurred in Westmont.”

With police providing no probable cause for the traffic stop and lacking any evidence related to the DUI charge, McMahon dismissed the case.

“The village could not go forward in good faith without the evidence needed to get a conviction,” McMahon said.

Teune has been on paid administrative leave from his job as a Riverside police officer since his arrest. Police Chief Thomas Weitzel said he is waiting for court documents before conducting an internal investigation to determine whether any departmental rules were violated.

“After that, we’ll have a recommendation on how we want to proceed,” said Weitzel, who added that his internal investigation will likely take less than two weeks.

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