It is unfortunate that I have to write this letter, since I am not a candidate for any political office, never have been, and yet I seem to be at the center of an attack from candidates of TAP. As a resident of North Riverside for 24 years, I write to clear up a few misconceptions, and defend my name, since surprisingly being used in TAP campaign material last week.

Specifically, I would like to explain my reasoning for challenging the TAP petitions. It was in no way a vain attempt at getting rid of competition, as the letter delivered to your doors suggests. No, instead it is my right as an individual to question politics when I believe that rules are not being followed.

Briefly, my reasoning for challenging the candidates from TAP:

1. The party name, as listed on the petition seems to be six words long. According to Illinois state statute, political party names can only be five words or less.

2. It is my understanding that disabled police officers can come back to work upon passing a physical examination. I believe that in the public sector, it is unethical to be your own boss, which being mayor would allow for.

3. Voting in an election is determined by residency. If an individual votes in Berwyn in March 2012, shouldn’t “residing for a year” in North Riverside be questioned?

Since there is obviously room for interpretation on these issues, I thought it best to ask for a legal clarification from individuals much more knowledgeable than myself on these matters.

Just so you are aware, a decision will be made by the courts on Feb. 13, and hopefully we can then all move forward, regardless of the decision.

Fact is that it is unfortunate, since I am not running as a candidate that I have to defend my personal actions. Bottom line is that it appears that TAP is confusing personal animosity with just different rational views of the law.

Yet this seems to be commonplace for the candidates of TAP, as they continue to attack, slander and bully anyone who seems to believe differently than them. I challenged their candidacy, something that anyone can legally do, and as adults, we deal with our problems rather than point the blame elsewhere.

Candidates of TAP, I care about protecting a village from people who are not able to follow rules now, before they are elected leaders. I care about the respect that people should show others in this village. I care about the experience and reliability of those who are leading our village when the sun rises tomorrow. I care whether I can freely speak my beliefs and not be threatened by others. I care about our future in North Riverside.

John Beresheim
North Riverside

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