When my wife and I bought our home in Brookfield, we were excited to start our lives together in this village. After we had our first born, Mona and I wanted to get involved more and actually thought first about joining the school board.

We also started working to get our street repaved, and I started going to village board meetings in this effort. At that time the board meetings were more entertaining than anything on TV, so I went regularly.

I was then asked by Mike Garvey to join the Playground and Recreation Board. During my work on that board, I soon realized that I would have more input and productivity on the village board.

My first campaign was against Bill Russ, Kit Ketchmark and the VIP Party. Mike Garvey won, but Mark Pasquesi and I lost. It was a good race, and with the support I felt good about our run. Two years later I was on the winning side and began my years as a village trustee.

During my time as a trustee we have accomplished some work that I am very proud. We joined SEASPAR, a recreation cooperative for our special needs residents. SEASPAR offers numerous programs and activities for these residents year round, and for all age groups.

When I was on the Playground and Recreation Board, I brought forward the idea of a splash pad in town. When I did, Cathy Edwards told me it wouldn’t get done. I kept working on that and, while it took a while, 10 years later we now have a new splash pad at Ehlert Park. We established a TIF along Ogden Ave to build for the future.

What we have not done is plan for the future. We need to maximize resources to get the most out of our revenue. We need to plan for economic development. What do we want where? We need to do this planning for the whole village not just the Ogden TIF and include our current businesses. What can we do for them?

We need a current infrastructure improvement plan to set our needs and timelines to meet those needs. We need to be working toward a vision for Brookfield that polishes this diamond in the rough.

I have decided to run for village president. I feel we need to break the cycle in Brookfield. We need a board that is proactive instead of reactive. We need a board that plans aggressively and regularly to meet and beat the challenges of today and see the vision of tomorrow. We need a board that wants to work as a team with businesses, residents and staff to achieve what Brookfield can be.

As village president this I can promise you: I will always be honest. I will always listen and hear you, I will work hard for you, and I will always fight for what I believe is best for us all.

Thank you for letting me serve.

Michael Towner is a candidate for Brookfield village president.