Last week, the Riverside-Brookfield High School board voted unanimously to hire a new architect, cutting ties with Wight & Company, the firm that designed the renovation and addition completed a few years ago.

Some school board members have had issues with some of Wight’s work and its response to certain issues, such as problems with the ventilation system in the swimming pool and water leaking into the new fieldhouse.

Last year the school board decided to seek bids from architectural firms to do what is called a life-safety survey after rejecting an offer from Wight.

The board chose the firm DLA Architects, which is based in Itasca. The district will pay DLA $48,000 to conduct a life-safety survey of the school, something that the state requires to be done every 10 years. DLA will also do a facility assessment, which will include an architectural survey of the building, including a detailed roof analysis.

“We really believe in long-term relationships, and we believe in high-quality work,” said Dwain Lutzow, a co-founder and CEO of DLA. Lutzow’s wife once taught at RBHS.

Carrie Matlock, DLA’s life-safety expert, will be the architect working on the survey and is considered a top expert in the state on life-safety work.

“I think that we’re happy that we have DLA,” Sinde said. “They have a very extensive experience dealing with high schools.”