A Riverside police officer on paid administrative leave since the end of December will be eligible to go back on patrol this weekend, Police Chief Thomas Weitzel announced Monday.

Officer Josh Teune will be back at work after serving out a 10-day unpaid suspension, which began Feb. 12, Weitzel said. Teune was suspended following the completion of an internal investigation, which determined that he violated by department’s code of conduct.

On Dec. 23, 2012, Downers Grove police charged Teune with driving under the influence following a traffic stop on 55th Street in the early morning hours. On Jan. 30, a Downers Grove adjudicator dismissed the case, saying there was not sufficient evidence to prosecute Teune for DUI. The prosecutor also noted that Downers Grove police did not provide any citation that would have provided probable cause for the traffic stop.

However, Weitzel determined Teune had violated a section in the department’s code of conduct that references discipline for “any action, on or off duty, which brings discredit upon the police department.”

“Under these same rules, the police chief has the authority to administer discipline for off-duty conduct,” said Weitzel.