I am writing to support Rachel Marrello, Mary Rose Mangia and Randy Brockway for District 96 school board.

I’ve known Mary Rose Mangia for a long time. She will definitely dig into the district’s finances. She will work to keep the quality of our schools high while keeping spending in check. Her MBA and the financial and management experience she gained through her insurance career will enable her to follow through on her commitment to responsible stewardship of our schools.

Mary Rose assures me that Rachel Marrello and Randy Brockway share her commitment to strong communication with both parents and taxpayers. Both are well-educated and have career experience that will help us.

Rachel is an attorney with a background in corruption investigation and labor law. Randy is a landscape architect. He has a background in government-funded public improvement projects. He also has experience in private sector projects.

Together, they offer the strong skills and commitment that District 96 needs. Please give them your vote on April 9.

Barbara Zak

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