After two canceled interviews and a nearly nine-hour drive through heavy snow on Thursday, Jonathan Lamberson apparently had enough and withdrew Saturday as a candidate for the superintendent of schools job in Ladue, Mo.

Lamberson, who is retiring as the superintendent of Riverside Elementary School District 96 in June, was one of three finalists for the Ladue position. He drove through a snow storm on Feb. 21 so that he could be in Ladue, located just west of St. Louis, for his interview, which was scheduled for Friday.

“Weather conditions driving through central Illinois were unbelievable,” Lamberson said.

But once Lamberson finally arrived in Missouri, he received an email telling him that his Friday interview had been postponed until Monday.

“The original interview was scheduled for Thursday; [it was] canceled and then rescheduled for Friday,” Lamberson told the Landmark. “So [I] drove down Thursday night and then got the word late Thursday evening that Friday was canceled, and they wanted to see if I could make it on Monday and come back down again.”

Lamberson said that he was told that the school board postponed the interview because of the weather. Instead of waiting it out, Lamberson drove back home on Friday. On Saturday, he informed the Ladue school board that he couldn’t make it back on Monday and was withdrawing as a candidate for the superintendent’s position in Ladue.

“Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to readjust my work calendar to accommodate the district’s change to this third interview date,” Lamberson wrote in an email to the Ladue school board. “Therefore, I regretfully withdraw my candidacy. I wish you the best in your decision.”

Lamberson confirmed the accuracy of the email and told the Landmark that he didn’t wish to expand on why he did not make another trip to Ladue for an interview on Monday.

“I’ll stick with the statement,” Lamberson said. “The statement’s fine.”

The Ladue school board was expected to announce its preferred candidate on Feb. 26.

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