Courtesy Tom Weitzel

Beginning soon, Riverside Police Department’s Intensified Traffic Enforcement unit will be back in action targeting areas of concern where traffic enforcement is greatly needed. Basically, a targeted area is saturated with up to seven officers enforcing the traffic laws.

This program has been in place and has very successful since its 2010 inception. It is run by Sergeant William Gutschick and supervised by Sergeant Leo Kotor.

Targeted areas are Schools, Schools, Schools and any other areas where violations are flagrant and ongoing.

Since the unit began, there have been 273 citations issued (speeding, crosswalk violations, school zone speeding, using cell phone within school zone and more). There have been six arrests and six vehicles towed. Residents fully support this type of enforcement and the Police Department wants to assure everyone that it will continue well into the future.

Look to see RPD targeting areas early in March. If you are aware of areas within the community that need this type of enforcement, please contact Sergeant Gutschick, via email or Sergeant Kotor or call RPD (708) 447-2127.