There are little bits of knowledge filling the spaces in our brain that are many times useless and sometimes referred to as trivia. We seem to be able to pull out those little tidbits when we least expect it and wonder why we know them.

When that happens we not only amaze and mystify those who may be with us, but we amaze ourselves as well, since at times we do not even know our own phone numbers. We can only assume that somewhere along the line we heard it or learned it and it filed the information away in our brain to be used at the proper time.

Trivia games have become quite popular; you may remember the game Trivial Pursuit, which has many versions, for home game nights. But trivia has expanded and is now used for fundraising events or by a local establishment as a way to get people together.

Locally, the Riverside Junior Woman’s Charity has annually held a trivia night fundraiser. Those in attendance can enhance their chances of winning by buying clues or participating in many of the other gimmicks. The Riverside Public Library and Brookfield Public Library recently held trivia nights where the questions centered on Chicago history, in connection with their community reading program.

To have your own trivia night, gather versions of Trivial Pursuit, which is much easier than researching and writing your own questions and answers. Then split your guests into teams of two people. I recommend that husbands and wives not be teammates — no explanation needed.

If you have more than one game going at a time, have teams switch tables to have them play another version of the game. Or you can have a mini-tournament, where teams of two play each other once. I also recommend that game rules be established before game begins; people can get prickly about rules.

I’ve found the best way to prepare for a trivia game is to watch Jeopardy daily; it’s a good brain exercise.

Now here’s your first trivia question. What do you think of when you hear “spring ahead, fall back”? You should have said daylight savings time, which begins this this weekend.

Too easy? What is the longest running column in the Landmark? Answer next week.