Courtesy Shane Soto

Courtesy Shane Soto, S.E. Gross Middle School

The S.E. Gross social studies teachers held their 6th annual, school wide, Geography Bee this winter. Almost the entire student body participated in the Geo Bee in their social studies classrooms by taking the same oral geography test. After three days of reviewing and testing their geography skills and knowledge, the top 25 or so, from each grade level participated in an after school competition in the auditorium. Eighth Grader, Anthony Landahl, won the Bee for the 2nd year in a row! When asked how he got to be so knowledgable in geography, Anthony replied, “…it helps me get better at knowing history. To know where a city or country is, helps you to understand the country’s history, culture and customs.”

But Anthony’s victory didn’t come without a challenge, as 7th Grader Kylee Hernandez and 6th Grader Evan Dunbar competed with Anthony all the way to the final round, winning top honors for their respective grade levels. Overall it was a very challenging tournament and a special congratulations needs to go out to all the students who made it into the final round in the auditorium.