With a couple of longtime board members, including the board president, leaving the scene in Brookfield-LaGrange Park District 95, the school district needs new members who can hit the ground running and help continue the successes of the past decade.

We believe the four candidates best suited to provide the kind of leadership and oversight the district needs going forward will be provided by incumbent Pasquale “Pat” Speziale and newcomers Brian Conroy, Barbara Garvey and Michelle Maggos.

The district in the next four years will be wrestling with the implementation of Common Core standards and adapting the curriculum to meet that challenge as well as upgrading facilities and the technological infrastructure.

Speziale has been a solid board member the past six years, providing insight and experience during the last major building project in the district, and he will be a valuable asset for the board in negotiating the next round of needed upgrades to the district’s buildings.

Both Garvey and Maggos will bring an educator’s perspective to the table as the district moves toward implementing Common Core and other curriculum changes. Both will be able to immediately provide the kind of insight the district needs as it makes that transition, and Maggos has firsthand experience implementing technology in the classroom. Her insight on the plusses and minuses of that integration will be welcome.

Finally, we believe Conroy will help the district keep its eye on fiscal responsibility while bolstering curriculum. He’s a supports a world language program and would bring valuable perspective to the district’s push to upgrade and implement technology.

Longtime board member John LaBarbera is on the ballot as the lone candidate for a two-year term. His presence will continue to be a plus for a board in transition.

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