Prior political experience: None

Prior community experience: Over 27 years police officer, working in various specialized departmental positions. Retired in March of 2011 with the rank of Corporal. First Elderly Service Officer for North Riverside. Written numerous safety awareness articles in the village’s newsletter and gave talks to groups as well. Elected board member for the North Riverside Police Pension Board for 20 plus years. Nominated by North Riverside Police Chief Anthony Garvey and honored by Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart for work with our village seniors. Worked as election judge in Riverside Township’s voting district. Committeeman for the police department’s participation in the annual Eddie Schwartz WGN Food Drive for many years. Currently a Board Director for the North Riverside Historical Society. Consistently attends village board meetings including committee meetings. Currently a part-time Police Service Aide with North Riverside (hired July 2012). Well known and regarded throughout the village.

In my opinion, the most important responsibility of the Village Clerk is accuracy, honesty and true professionalism in documentation and dissemination of village business. You need someone who is detailed, punctual, organized, reliable, respected, and ethical and I have these qualities.

Technology is paramount in advancement of the clerk’s office. Software needs to be incorporated that is compatible to all departments in the village. All of the department’s computers need to network with each other and be constantly updated. Cross-referencing of vital information is needed and essential to all aspects of village services and safety. For the elderly and those who do not have computer access, information of vital importance should be expeditiously transmitted via telephone as well.

Currently our village meetings are voice recorded only and then transcribed to “minutes of the meeting” written format. I am all for video recording of board meetings. These videos should then be filed and stored for anyone to view upon request. The recordings should be incorporated into the village’s website where anyone can easily access. This can be done either at their home (using website) or using our local library’s computers for same.

I am for an overhaul of our village’s website. It does not seem to be user friendly. The events calendar has not been functional for almost a year now and still is not functioning properly. I would encourage all board meetings and committee meetings to be listed in a timely fashion, so residents can be properly informed to attend. This should be done on the events calendar portion as well as on a “village business” events calendar. Cross-referencing could work well for this. Residents need to be informed better so they could attend specific meetings which are of great importance to them. Notices of board meetings should also be displayed at village high foot traffic areas such as the interior of the Village Hall and local library. The village’s information marquis located in front of the village hall should display meeting notices as well.

I am excited to have an opportunity to continue serving the residents of North Riverside like I have for so many years.

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