I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your endorsements for the District 95 school board. As stated in the endorsement article “the school district needs new members who can hit the ground running.”

As a recent appointee to the board, I have had the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the issues facing our school district and the best practices for keeping the needs of our children first while maintaining fiscally sound policies.

My experiences gained throughout my career, both as a teacher and project manager at Northern Trust Bank, will be beneficial in aligning the district’s goals with the financial constraints of the budget, while ensuring we provide the best learning environment for our students.

A strategic plan needs to be developed which encompasses the implementing of the common core standards as well as several other large scale initiatives. This includes the rollout of standards-based reporting, establishing a K-8 foreign language program and the remodeling of classrooms.

Given my passion for the education of our children (including two of my own), and the sincere desire to see District 95 continue to exceed the community’s expectations, I can promise you I will continue to listen to the concerns of the parents and bring the community’s perspective into the process. Any decision that I make will be well researched, consistent with the district’s mission, focused on what is right for the students, and be fiscally sound.

Serving as a member of the school board is not about any one person’s agenda, it is in serving the best interests of all of our children and our community.

I take serving on the school board as a tremendous responsibility and I would be honored to continue as a member. Please consider punching 144 on April 9.