For the District 96 school board election, please vote for the following candidates: Rachel Marrello, Mary Rose Mangia and Randy Brockway.

We do not believe any of the incumbent members should be retained. In their endorsement for District 96 candidates, the Landmark says that they believe board members learned a valuable lesson during the past six months.

We haven’t seen any evidence from the incumbent candidates that they have learned a valuable lesson. There’s been no apology or explanation about the choices they’ve made. Those poor choices include believing Lieggi’s version of the incident (Lieggi has changed her story three times) as opposed to what the police have said in their official report.

And as late as last week, Meindl said “I don’t think one action of a person defines who they are. People make bad judgments, they make mistakes.” Let’s not forget that two of them were on the board four years ago and voted for Lamberson’s huge salary increase, making him the third-highest paid administrator in the state.

We need school board members who will actively direct, manage and challenge the district administration to deliver quality education to our students. We need a school board that is transparent and invites public discussion of important school issues. We do not need one that uses our education tax dollars to pay attorneys to stifle public discussion of important school issues and bury the truth. The school board must serve the educational interests of our community, and not sit as the puppet of the district administration.

Mary Lescher and Robert Bartolone


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