Fiscally responsible and Student centered. That phrase embodies Jim Landahl’s and Chuck Snyder’s service to the community during their tenure on the District 95 school board.

While every school board has its hurdles, Jim and Chuck dealt with the issues and challenges presented to them with true transparency, always looking out for the best interest of the students while working within the financial means of the district.

I know firsthand that complex problems can be tackled head on, in public, and have watched Jim and Chuck lead a district to fiscal stability and double-digit academic growth.

Both were instrumental in negotiating a revolutionary approach to a new teacher’s contract, a contract that was designed to live within the means of the district all while supporting the teachers and providing the flexibility to support growth in the students’ academic life.

Jim and Chuck would bring much needed balance to the Riverside Brookfield District 208 school board, they will represent the community reasonably and will always consider the students when making the hard decision required of school boards.

Tom Powers

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