Our most recent teacher contract was negotiated five years ago during a time when the realities of how long our country’s recession would continue were not known as they are today. There were many reasons which concluded in giving us the current contract which will expire at the end of June.

We need leaders in our community, who speak for themselves, understanding where we are and have the vision of where we would like to be, both in the near term and well into the future.

I am grateful that we have six candidates willing to offer their services on the D208 school board. The reason I have publicly endorsed Joe Wanner is because he has clearly articulated and understands where we are and has taken the lead in addressing how to move forward. Joe understands the economic realities of our times.

Joe understands the necessity to come up with a contract that works within our financial constraints and even he knows that a proposed referendum would have as much of a chance at succeeding as the Cubs winning the World Series, or better yet the Marlins or Astros. We need people with a creative can do approach versus hearing all of the negative rhetoric.

This will be an important election not only because of the short-term upcoming contract negotiations, but also to plan the future direction for our school. I look forward to having Joe as well as the other two most qualified candidates on the D208 school board.

Bill Judy

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