The Cook County Clerk announced Wednesday that there will be a special paper ballot printed for races involving North Riverside mayor, trustee and clerk, and that anyone wishing to cast a vote for those offices must use one of the special paper ballots in order to have their votes counted.

Because an appellate court decision allowing members of the Transparency & Accountability in Politics Party to appear on the ballot came so late in process, the original paper ballots and voting machines could not be changed in time for the April 9 election.

What that means is that voters will have to complete two separate ballots in order to vote in all of the races up for election next Tuesday. Voters can use the touchscreen or original paper ballots to vote for school board, library board and township board candidates.

Voters will also see the village board races listed on those ballots. However, the only way to ensure your votes in the elections for mayor, village trustee and village clerk are counted is to use the special paper ballot to cast your votes. Votes for village offices made on touchscreen machines or the original paper ballot will not be counted.

Those special ballots will be tallied by hand after polls close, according to Courtney Greve, spokeswoman for the Cook County Clerk David Orr. Only votes cast on the special paper ballots will be counted for the positions of mayor, trustee and clerk.

The names appearing on the special April 9 ballot include the following people:

  • Mayor: Hubert Hermanek Jr.
  • Clerk: Peter Culafic and Kathy Ranieri
  • Trustee: Richard Alvarez, Matthew Decosola, Annabelle Downs, Luigi “Gino” Labellarte, Marybelle Mandel, Joseph Mengoni and Vera Wilt

Meanwhile, Greve confirmed that Rocco DeSantis has officially filed as a write-in candidate for mayor, and write-in votes for him will be counted.

Write-in votes for George Georgopoulos for mayor will not be counted, said Greve, because he missed the filing deadline.

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