The slate of Ed Jepson, Matt Sinde and Mike Welch swept to victory Tuesday in the hard fought race for three seats on the Riverside-Brookfield High School District 208 school board.

With 28 of 28 precincts reporting newcomer Ed Jepson led the six candidate field with 2,331 votes. In second place was incumbent Mike Welch with 2,305 votes and in third was current school board President Matt Sinde with 2,153 votes.

Trailing behind were current Brookfield-LaGrange Park District 95 school board president James Landahl with 1,854 votes, Joe Wanner of Riverside with 1,794 votes and District 95 school board member Chuck Snyder with 1,557 votes.

“It’s humbling,” Jepson said Tuesday night. “And it’s also in some ways daunting, because there’s going to be tremendous challenges ahead in the next four years. I can’t say I have all the answers, but the community’s going to get my best efforts.”

Dogged campaigning was one key to victory for Jepson, Sinde and Welch. They pounded the pavement, especially the dogged Welch who was out ringing doorbells almost every day in March.

“I think we all work hard,” Jepson said. “Not just having someone passing out fliers or whatever, but we also went out in the community and rang doorbells and talked to people.”

Their message of fiscal responsibility seemed to resonate with many voters.

“I think we have a good team working together,” Sinde said. “I think we have some challenges that we have to face. But I think all the work that we’ve done is going to pay off and make RB even stronger and better.”

Twenty-one-year-old Audrey Dorenbos voted for Sinde, Welch and Jepson.

“I’ve been talking with my parents and stuff about how they have a better plan on economics and managing that aspect of it, more so than the other candidates,” said Dorenbos, a 2009 graduate of RBHS.

Michael Lanan, 22, knows one of Welch’s daughters and said that personal connection helped persuade him to vote for Welch, Sinde and Jepson slate.

“I voted for [Welch] because I’ve known his family and his daughter for a while,” Lanan said after voting at the Riverside Township Hall. “I went to school with this daughter and he’s always seemed like a really good guy.”

Landahl and Snyder hoped that their record of accomplishment at District 95 would pay off. They emphasized the need to have good relations with the staff and touted their ability to win the trust of teachers and negotiate innovative and responsible contracts.

However, their record at District 95 didn’t resonate with enough voters.

“I don’t think that people who have served time on another school board, meaning District 95, necessarily qualifies them to step in and operate the high school,” said Riverside resident Terry Heuel after voting for Jepson, Sinde and Welch late Tuesday at the Riverside Township Hall.

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