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Riverside Brookfield Age Group Gymnastics is holding try outs and level placements for summer camps and the 2013-2014 season!!

Monday, June 10 in the RB High School gym
5-6pm Competitive Team Try Outs (ages 5 and up)
6-7pm Level Placements (for new gymnasts and anyone interested in moving up
to the next level for the Bronze, Silver, Gold Stars summer camps)

Why try out for the competitive team? Being part of the competitive team will greatly improve your gymnastics skills as well as build confidence and self-esteem. You’ll train with the best coaches and develop lasting friendships!

Who should try out? Any intermediate-advanced level gymnast (ages 5 and up) who is interested in competing. In addition, coaches will be inviting gymnasts to attend try outs that they think are ready for the competitive level. The team is not open to beginning gymnasts.

What’s a level placement? For those gymnasts not interested or ready to be part of the competitive team, we encourage you to attend the level placements so you can be evaluated and receive a level recommendation. This is the best way to get the most out of your summer camp experience.

What’s the competitive team commitment? Gymnasts will need to attend a minimum of two team practices each week depending on their level. There is a one-time “team fee” of $30 and all gymnasts must purchase a team leotard and warm-up (appx. $200). Competition fees vary but are usually around $40 each. Gymnastics is a year-round extracurricular.

What happens after try outs? All students who try out will be told which summer camp they should register for. If you make the team, summer camp at your assigned level is mandatory. If you do not attend summer camp, you will need to try out again in September.

What are the competitive levels? This is a basic description of some of the skills expected of gymnasts at each level.

Level 2
handstand, round off, back bend kick over, back roll, pullover on bars, nice cast, back hip circle, no fear of the high beam, jumping on high beam, handstand on the low beam

Level 3 – round off flip flop with a light spot, back walkover, handstand forward roll, back pike roll, pull over back hip circle, front hip circle, front mill circle, shoot through, handstand on high beam, jumps on high beam, leaps on high beam, handstand flatback on vault

Level 4 – round off two flip flips, back extension roll, front handspring, kip, squat on, long hang kip, hand stand on high beam, jumps on high beam, leaps on high beam, handspring vault

Level 6 – round off back tuck, front, kip, long hang kip, back walkover on beam, full turn on beam, handspring vault

We hope to see you all at team try outs! Please forward this information to anyone you know that might be interested in the Riverside Brookfield competitive team. Questions? Email Tammy at

Registration forms and schedules for summer session will be handed out next week!


June 17th- August 24th

No classes July 1-5th (4th of July week)


4-5pm – Bronze Stars Camp – $81.00 ($9/week)

5-6pm – Silver Stars Camp – $81.00 ($9/week)

6-6:45pm – Tumble Tots Camp – $72.00 ($8/week)

6:45-7:45pm – Gold Stars Camp – $81.00 ($9/week)


3-4:30pm – Pre-Team Camp $216.00 ($24/week) (must try out for this class)


4-6pm – Team Camp B – $270.00 ($30/week) (all current Level 3’s and 4’s)

6-9pm – Team Camp A – $360.00 ($40/week) (all current Level 5’s and optionals)


9am-12pm – Extra Team Practice – $121.50 ($13.50/week) (open to any current level 3, 4, 5 and optional)

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