I thank the Landmark for pinpointing the “root cause” of wild weather we’ve been experiencing in recent years. As an energy researcher with almost 40 years of experience, I know the science is unshakably clear.

These events are the early symptoms of climate change growing in intensity due to our massive greenhouse gas emissions. If you don’t believe me, listen to Tom Skilling, our highly respected Chicago weather expert, or thousands of dedicated climate scientists across the world.

Your editorial concludes with “It’s high time we took it seriously.” But what does taking it seriously mean? Is it enough to beef up our infrastructure to resist extreme weather? Is it enough to “green up” our lifestyles and reduce our personal carbon footprints?

No. The way to really “take is seriously” is to take it to the politicians. Write or call your congressman and senators to demand legislation that will help cure our fossil fuel addiction. Better yet, join an organization like the Citizens Climate Lobby, and learn how to have a real impact on national policy.

We’ve already changed the chemistry of our planet too much, and it is wrong to leave our children and grandchildren with potentially disastrous consequences. We owe them.

Rick Knight

Eitor’s note: Rick Knight volunteers for the Chicagoland chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby.

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