I was so disappointed to learn that the Brookfield Little League parade was held on a Sunday. I’m the pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Brookfield. This parade forced at least one family from our church to make a choice: either attend church and miss the opening parade or participate in the event and miss church. They chose the latter.

This conflict of interest seems unnecessary. We are all part of this community. Events should be planned in consideration of other activities including church. It is well known that Sunday mornings are traditionally set aside for attending church worship services.

So why did JoAnn D’Altorio, the president of Brookfield Little League allow the parade to be held on Sunday instead of Saturday? A Saturday parade would not have interfered with the worship services of at least 10 churches in the community.

Does the Brookfield Little League leadership not attend church? Do they attend a Catholic church that has other options for attending Mass other than on Sunday morning? Protestant churches do not have that option. It seems to me that our community event planners should all cooperate together to avoid scheduling conflicts. I’m asking JoAnn D’Altorio to please move next year’s opening parade to Saturday.

That would be a wonderful effort of cooperation with the many families that regularly attend church on Sunday mornings.

Dr. Gary S. Karwoski, pastor
Cornerstone Community Church of Brookfield

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