My family and I are longtime residents of Brookfield, and we happen to live in this very dangerous area.

The 9300 block of Jefferson Avenue and the 3400 block of Madison Avenue are exceptionally narrow, and because cars are parked on both sides of the street, it is extremely difficult for traffic to get through. For example, a PACE bus goes down the 9300 block of Jefferson every weekday and the driver always has trouble making his way through.

My family and I visit my grandfather often. Upon returning home, we often have a problem making a left hand turn onto Madison from Washington if a car is also attempting to make a left hand turn onto Washington to Madison. Because cars are parked on both sides of the street, we cannot make our left turn onto Madison without blocking the view of the other driver.

While President Michael Garvey was in office, a meeting was held at the Brookfield Village Hall to discuss this and other parking situations in Brookfield I and others attended this meeting, and we all were given the opportunity to discuss this and other parking situations. However, nothing was ever done.

Hopefully, the new administration will give serious consideration to this problem. A life-and-death situation could possibly occur if emergency vehicles are unable to reach their destination because of their inability to get through.

Steven Lifka

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