A westbound Burlington Northern-Santa Fe freight train derailed in Brookfield on Monday afternoon, shutting down the northernmost set of tracks and blocking two grade crossings in the village.

The derailment occurred at about McCormick Avenue near the rear of the reportedly 110-car train at 12:10 p.m. The seven rearmost cars of the train were involved in the derailment.

Grade crossings at Prairie Avenue and Maple Avenue remain closed as railroad officials respond to the scene.

Brookfield resident Bob Gentilini was sitting in his car reading a book in a track-side parking space near Arden Avenue as the train passed by.
Gentilini said he suddenly heard a loud “poofing” sound as if compressed air was being released.
“I looked up and it broke apart,” said Gentilini. “It was like seething disconnecting from pressure.”

On the tracks several yards behind the last car of the train was what appeared to be a train car coupling. The wheels of at least one car in the rear section of the train had jumped the track.

No one was hurt. Calls to the BNSF were not immediately returned. Train traffic on the two southern tracks may be delayed but reportedly is not being stopped at this time.

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