I’m a 70-year-old volunteer at Cantata (formerly the British Home) in Brookfield. I try to visit on a regular basis many residents and share with them great conversation, positive smiles and comments. Often we meet in or near the lunch area to share our time.

Over the past few weeks I’ve gotten to know a special young lady who works for the food service that serves all the residents and patients,

Kellie Clinton, 17, is a student at Riverside-Brookfield High School in Riverside, who also works sharing her time, energy and personality with all at Cantata. While there are many excellent personnel and volunteers at Cantata, Kellie is a student with a job who is mature and caring beyond her years.

Her bright-eyed smile and caring demeanor seem to put everyone at ease and helps make meals more enjoyable. It is nothing for her to crouch or kneel on the floor to better communicate with a person or entire table.

It can be satisfying to deal with seniors at all levels, but it is truly special to see a hard-working teenager who puts her heart and soul into caring for and helping others.

On behalf of all who know you or have seen you in action, Kellie, thank you. You know what life is really about. May your future paths reflect your talents.

Jim Zak
North Riverside