I knew Chief Tony Garvey briefly (compared to others), but felt he was a caring man of character and quality, who tried to make everything better and felt bad when he couldn’t. He showed his knowledge, intensity and caring whenever he spoke to a group or an individual.

He loved his family and people above all and was always easy to approach and talk to.

We shared an interest in Steve Garvey, former major league ballplayer, who shared the same last name as Chief Garvey but was not related to him. When I was able to supple him with baseball cards and pictures of Steve Garvey, he was very pleased and appreciative. He said he shared these with his family as a hobby, because his cards all had been unintentionally thrown out when he was a kid. A simple sharing with a complex man.

If I had to pick a man to watch my back, it would be him. I f I had to pick a man to lead and direct me, it would be him. However, I would like most of all to walk alongside Tony to share his knowledge, caring, intensity and dedication to everything he participated in — few people can do this.

Chief Garvey, thanks for adding to my life and the lives of many others. You will always be respected and you will never be forgotten.

Jim Zak
North Riverside