Courtesy North Riverside Public Library

The North Riverside Public Library is conducting a brief patron satisfaction and needs survey to gather opinions from patrons on the library’s operations and direction. Library officials said the five-question survey can be completed in less than five minutes.

The survey asks how satisfied patrons are with the library; what services they have used recently; what they think is the Library’s most positive feature; and what change to improve the Library should be made.

To take the survey online, patrons can visit the Library’s website, Those without Internet access can stop in the Library, 2400 S. Des Plaines Avenue, to use one of the Library’s public access computers to take the survey online or fill out one of the paper copies that are available at the Circulation Desk.

The survey is anonymous; no one will know who completed the survey or how any individual responded. Surveys will be collected through October 2013.

Additional information is available by calling the library at 708-447-0869.