Wildlife is sometimes seen in Brookfield’s Madlin Park, but tonight there may be a fox on the run. The animal seems to have become a regular in the park on Lincoln and Madison Avenues.

Ken Carollo, a Brookfield resident, spotted the fox digging in a sand pit near the park Tuesday, Aug. 11. That was the second of two appearances, he said.

“The fox enters the park from the west around 6 p.m. and sits in the park until dusk. It lays down and seems to search for ground animals, though in the Tuesday instance it also began digging out the sand pit used for the nearby junior high’s track team,” Carollo wrote in an email.

“The animal does not seem aggressive,” Carollo added.

When he called, Carollo was told by the Brookfield Police Department that they do not handle animal control issues.

A private animal control specialist later told Carollo they would not be able to re-re-release the fox, so they could not pick-up the neighborhood’s newest resident.

Carollo presumes that the fox may be a danger to small pets and other animals in the area.

“Nearby residents should be aware and take caution if they have smaller pets or children,” he said.

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