We can call this week’s column, “You can’t get there from here,” with all the traffic reroutes that have gone on in Riverside this summer.

We begin with the fixing of the railroad tracks. When the Harlem Avenue tracks were fixed, it sent some drivers into Riverside and some are possibly still driving around trying to get out. Do not always follow the car in front of you because they do not always know where they’re going either. Cars would turn onto Berkely or Byrd roads, not believing that it was not a way to cross the tracks. You can see the tracks but you can’t cross them.

When the 26th street tracks were being repaired, cars turned into Riverside from Westover and confusion set in as they did not know whether to turn right or left. I believe I actually saw fear in the eyes of some drivers. The railroad tasks have been accomplished, and it is a smoother drive over the tracks, so it was worth the inconvenience.

The shooting of the new ABC-TV series, Betrayal, also sent locals and visitors on winding paths. The series is set to premiere on Sept. 29, and I have already been asked if I will get out the info as to when the Riverside scenes will be aired. I will have “my people” get on that and let you know as soon as I know.

It is interesting to note that the crew was in and out with as little inconvenience as possible. Then again, they weren’t filming in front of my house.

Riverside has been used as a location numerous times for commercials and movies, with some of the locals being hired on as “extras.” The DiNatale house on Scottswood was the site of a movie starring Sean Young years back, and it wasn’t that many years ago when Keanu Reeves was in Riverside making a movie. Every day there were stories of Keanu sightings. For a number of years there was a moratorium on commercial use of Riverside when a trustee stated that people were complaining they didn’t like it. Glad we’re back in business.

Well, you can get here from there and now, through TV and video, more people will see the charm that is Riverside and not inconvenient at all.

Coming up, Riverside’s “Person of the Year” dinner, honoring Ruth Freeark on Aug. 28. Tickets are still available until Aug. 23 at Arcade Antiques and the Riverside Bank.