On Sept. 11, 1997 my first column appeared in The Landmark. The editor at the time was a young lady whose name I believe was Randi. She was there for a while and left — something about her husband being transferred.

After Randi there were three or four young men, notice I emphasize young, who took the helm at The Landmark. Their names escape me, but be assured they were all very nice and we got along well.

As each one started at the paper, I suggested we go to lunch to get better acquainted. One was nice enough to bring me a bouquet of flowers and a card; unfortunately he did not stay too long. Another one took me to lunch and paid for it but did not leave a tip; he was young. The next time I was at the same restaurant, the waiter told me my last lunch partner had neglected to leave a tip. Embarrassed, I left a tip for that day and the previous time. Oh well!

That bring us into the future and the hiring of Bob Uphues as editor, 10 years ago. I suggested my customary lunch and midway into our meal I decided I liked this guy, but I didn’t want to get too attached, fearing he would be gone after a period of time.

Lucky for me and the readers of the Landmark, Bob is still here. When he became editor, he inherited me and we get along quite well. Oh, sure, we have our differences but we are always able to work them out. Bob treats things with professionalism and understanding.

We have shared a few more lunches over the 10 years, and I have learned about Bob the person and his life before the paper. We talk about our families and like friends we laugh.

Now I know when Bob gets this column he probably wished I had written about something else he thinks would be more interesting to the readers, since he is modest and would rather the column not feature him.

Since last week’s editorial was “about Bob” and there were some quotes from others who know Bob and his work I felt I wanted to say “thank you” and how I look forward to working with Bob for a long time to come.

Well, Bob, happy anniversary. Keep up the good work. Let’s do lunch — I’ll buy!