Horseplay, a new TV sketch comedy show being produced by RBTV is looking for individuals to be part of a studio audience. The show will be taped in RBTV Studio One on September 13, 2013, at 4:30 p.m. Audience members would need to arrive and check in at 4:00 p.m.

The show features the band Comasoft (the band recently played at Lollapalooza), a comedian/host, and RB’s sketch comedy troupe The Jockeys.

To reserve a seat(s) please call the RBTV Ticket Hotline at 708.442.9596. You will need to leave your name, email, and home/cell number. Seating is limited to 30, and members must be 13 years of age or older.

After the taping, the show will be edited and premiere in early 2014.

For more information on this program, please call Gary Prokes at 708.442.8325 or email