The Landmark’s article “D96 board VP questions expense for staff event” published on the web on Sept. 12 quoted District 96 board member Randy Brockway as criticizing a $9,000 end-of-year teachers’ dinner held at the Riverside Golf Club, which is appealing its tax assessment.

Mr. Brockway is quoted as suggesting the dinner should not be held at a location whose tax appeal, if successful, might reduce District 96’s tax revenue. I have never been a member of the Riverside Golf Club.

Assuming the Landmark has quoted him correctly, Mr. Brockway’s criticism suggests the Riverside Golf Club will pay less than its fair share, if its tax appeal is successful. However, the Riverside Golf Club’s correct amount of taxes will be determined by the Cook County Board of Tax Review, whose job is to evaluate tax appeals.

I believe it is improper for members of public bodies to withhold support of local entities who merely asked authorized tax authorities to evaluate/verify the proper amount of taxes owed.

Mike Maher