Put the young’uns to bed and pop some popcorn, because this Sunday evening, Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. ABC-TV (Channel 7) will premiere “Betrayal,” part of which was taped in Riverside this summer.

The plot deals with two lovers’ worlds colliding and with write ups using words like love, sex, marriage, drama, mystery, fidelity (and I suppose infidelity) — all the components that make for a good “soap.” I don’t want to give away any of the plot, but suffice to say it will include a lawyer (they always make good characters to write about) and money, which seems to be the basis of many of these stories.

The stars of the show are names not familiar to me, but all had decent resumes of previous performances. They are most likely those actors that we don’t know their names but recognize them from other shows and tend to say, “Oh I saw him/her in another show.” For their sakes one would hope this show will boost their ability to become household names.

The show was adapted from a Dutch TV series, but what makes it of interest to those in Riverside is that some of the filming was done in our fair village this past summer. Rest assured the site was chosen for its beauty and how it would fit into the plot line — certainly not because the story or characters bear any resemblance to any of our residents, this isn’t Peyton Place.

“Betrayal” is one of six new shows this fall that have chosen Chicago and Chicago-area locales for shooting and, if you’re like me, and enjoy seeing if you can identify the areas, you will have much to keep you busy.

Now I don’t know if the cast and crew will return to our fair village. That will be determined by the plot line and success of the show. So on Monday morning we can all meet at Grumpy’s and give a review on the show while looking at what the professional reviewers have to say in the papers; it’s OK to admit if you like it despite its content.

Yes, “Betrayal” has been termed “racy,” but after an afternoon of watching football it could be a pleasant change.