The Riverside Village Board helped mark Thomas Weitzel’s fifth anniversary as the village’s police chief on Thursday night, unanimously approving a new four-year contract that expires on April 20, 2017.

Weitzel, 52, will have served as a police officer in Riverside for 32 years when the contract ends. And even though there is language in the contract regarding retirement, Weitzel said he’s not considering retirement.

“I don’t view it, from my perspective, as my last contract,” said Weitzel, who started in Riverside as a patrolman in 1984. “I’m honored the board and village manager have the confidence to retain me as chief. I want to continue. I love my job; there’s still a lot to accomplish.”

Weitzel has been Riverside’s chief of police, officially, since January 2008, when former Chief Eugene Karczewski retired. But Weitzel effectively took the reins as acting chief in October 2007, six months after Karczewski announced he was leaving.

According to his contract, Weitzel will be paid $124,500. That amount, which was retroactive to Aug. 1, is not a pay raise. Weitzel received a 2-percent pay raise on Jan. 1 along with other non-union employees of the village. Four years ago, his salary was $119,670.

In addition to his salary, Weitzel receives 25 paid vacation days and six personal days “in addition to those provided in the village’s employee manual.” At the end of each year he is eligible to receive payment for up to eight of those personal days not used during the fiscal year.

Riverside employees can accumulate up to 1.5 times their annual vacation leave. Weitzel will also be paid for that unused vacation leave if he leaves the job for any reason, according to the contract.

Weitzel also is provided with a car, $1,125 for annual civilian clothes expenses, a pager and a cellphone for business use.

He is also provided with health insurance as outlined in the Riverside employee manual.

Although he has said he is not going to retire, there is language in the contract regarding such an event. It calls for Weitzel to be paid for all accrued but unused vacation time and one-half of all earned but unused sick leave pay.

All non-union employees accrue one sick day per month and can bank up to 120 sick days.