After posting the earlier story about the rather blah relocation videos done by an out-of-state company, I went back to the Riverside village website to see if the videos were up yet. Poking around a bit, I noticed (well, it’s smack dab in the middle of the home page) a link to something called “Refreshing Riverside.”

Now that was the name of a speciality cream soda sold last year at Riverside Foods. The label had been designed by Riverside resident Don Pogany, who runs the advertsising studio Sticky Worldwide out of an office on Longcommon Road, and it was a fun way to give local flavor to a product that otherwise wouldn’t have had any.

Well, “Refreshing Riverside” is more than a bottle of pop now. Pogany produced this video about Riverside, which is just terrific. No shots of North Riverside in this one. If the village wants a marketing video, this is the one they should use.

Pogany has also launched a website around the Refreshing Riverside theme. I’m hoping to get more info from him soon for a story in the print edition for Oct. 9.

In the meantime, enjoy the video and website (which, I must point out) has a picture of me in it (I actually was working on a story when that was taken, by the way).