A burglary crew disabled an outdoor burglar alarm and then smashed a window to gain entry to the Brookfield Restaurant, 8900 Ogden Ave., during the overnight hours of Oct. 6-7.

Once inside, the offenders targeted two cash registers, an ATM machine, a juke box, five video poker machines and a redemption terminal, prying them open and taking an undisclosed amount of cash. The offenders went through the entire business, kicking open the door to the restaurant office, tampering with the security console, kicking in the door to a storage closet and finally breaking off the lock to the outside rear door.

In addition, according to police, a safe was pried open and the contents removed. Police stated that the safe appeared to have been cut with a heavy-duty saw. The ATM, redemption terminal and poker machines were all owned by Fairshare Amusements, which provides the devices to the business.

“It’s not amateurs, that’s for sure,” said Brookfield Police Lt. Edward Petrak. “These guys had probably staked the place out. I wouldn’t be surprised to see other incidents like this.”

Entry appeared to have been gained by smashing a window on the north side of the business, next to the main entrance. An employee and one of the business’ owners discovered the burglary when they arrived to open the restaurant at about 5:30 a.m. on Oct. 7.

Cook County Sheriff’s Police evidence technicians assisted Brookfield in the investigation.

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