The Riverside Township Lions Club will sponsor a special collection of used eyeglasses at churches in Riverside and North Riverside on Spectacle Sunday, which will be held Sunday Oct. 27.

Special Lions Club collection boxes will be available for parishioners dropping off their used eyeglasses. The Lions Club will have the eyeglasses refurbished and provide them to people in developing countries who are not be able to afford to purchase new eyeglasses.

Your old eyeglasses can be a precious treasure to someone in need. Helping people with vision problems is one of the Lions Club’s missions.

The Riverside Township Lions Club was founded in 1948 and meets monthly. Involved in civic activities in Riverside and North Riverside, the club also provides annual financial support to charities and community organizations.

Donations are given to such groups as Boy Scouts as well as to specific organizations and funds. Financial support also is provided to a number of activities affiliated with Lions Clubs International, as well as to local efforts to assist the visually impaired and the hearing impaired.

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