The fate of Brookfield’s water tower glory is now in the hands of the wise people over at Tnemec Inc. We can do nothing but hope they see Brookfield’s dolphin tank for what it is: the most beautiful spheroid structure in the nation.

Brookfield residents sure do. During the roughly two weeks of online voting (that we were aware of anyway), Brookfield boosters clicked their mouses and typed in anti-bot codes relentlessly to vault Brookfield into first place in the online voting for Tank of the Year.

Though the final totals aren’t available, Brookfield was in the lead with less than an hour to go last Friday night. We’re sure the village topped the voting.

Alas, that doesn’t necessarily mean Brookfield will prevail. We’ll be anxiously awaiting Tnemec’s Nov. 1 announcement and pre-ordering the calendar where the water tower will appear, regardless, since it was definitely in the top 12 after voting ended.