The Brookfield Village Board on Monday voted unanimously to waive competitive bidding and approve a five-year contract extension with McCook-based Groot Industries for municipal waste hauling for single-family residences and two-unit buildings.

In exchange for the deal, Groot, which has been the village’s waste hauler since 1957, pledged that it would freeze its present rates for one year, until Jan. 1, 2015. After that the waste hauler would increase rates by 3 percent for each of the remaining years of the contract.

Under the present rate structure, single-family customers pay $27.91 per month ($334.92 per year) for waste hauling, which includes fees for general refuse collection, and yard waste pickup. It also includes a disposal fee charged by the West Suburban Solid Waste Agency and an administrative fee charged by the village of Brookfield.

While Groot’s fees for waste hauling and yard waste will freeze during 2014, the disposal fee will increase per the village’s contract with the West Suburban Solid Waste Agency.

By the end of the five-year deal, single-family customers will be paying roughly $31.50 per month or $380 per year for waste hauling services.

Owners of two-unit buildings presently pay $50.40 per month ($604.80 per year). In the final year of the contract, two-unit building owners will be paying about $56.70 per month ($680.50 per year).

In addition, to the one-year rate freeze, Groot is lowering what it charges for overage stickers, which customers must purchase if the amount of waste produced in a given week exceeds the capacity of the containers provided by Groot. The price for overage stickers will fall from $2.40 each to $2.25 in the first two years of the contract. The cost for overage stickers will increase by 10 cents per year in the final three years of the deal.

Village Manager Riccardo Ginex said that the last time Brookfield signed a contract with Groot, back in 2009, he had obtained proposals from five other companies. Groot’s proposal was the lowest of the five at that time, according to Ginex.

Groot also has provided additional emergency refuse collection and hauling after heavy rain storms flooded many homes in Brookfield in recent years.

“We’ve had a very satisfying working relationship with … Groot,” said Ginex. “Specifically in the last few years, when we’ve had a number of severe storms. They’ve really helped us out.

“They still offer the most competitive pricing, we believe. They’ve been in Brookfield for decades, they know our town, they offer great service,” he added.

Ginex also pointed out that as part of Groot’s last contract, it had implemented a more robust recycling program in the village and provides a dumpster at village hall for recycling consumer electronics.

Frank Hillegonds of Groot said his company wants to keep encouraging homeowners to recycle.