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It is my duty to break the terrible news about Tnemec Inc.’s prestigious 2013 Water Tank of the Year award.


Despite being the tank most voted for by those casting their ballots during the October voting period, Brookfield will not be Tnemec’s Miss January in its 2014 water tower calendar.

Instead, Brookfield will take its place alongside 10 other also-rans — including, it must be noted, our bitter foe Silvis, Ill., the Golf Ball City — populating the calendar pages of such lesser months as February, April and November.

After voters chose the nation’s top 12 water tanks, Tnemec’s crack staff chose Mt. Vernon, Ill.’s admittedly colorful and artistic entry as the nation’s best. The white tower, with its fanciful splashes of color and the motto “Creativity Redefined!” adorning its tank will get the full January treatment in the calendar.

Let’s just say we took second.

Brookfield — and its many friends — it was valiant effort on your part to provide Zoo City’s water tank with 2,091 votes out of the 10,621 cast in the contest. It was a job well done, and we must find a way to move forward despite this crushing blow.

I think another leftover Snickers bar from yesterday will help considerably.

If you can bear it, Tnemec announced the winning entry with a YouTube video, which you can see here.

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